Recognizing that the rules governing the Copyright Act, 1957 (“Act”) need modernizing in this digital era, on May 30, 2019, the Government of India published proposed amendments to the rules.  These draft rules are open for comment by the public until June 29, 2019.  It appears that the draft rules flow out of the Bombay […]

Last month it was widely reported that American fashion model, Gigi Hadid, was sued by a photo agency for sharing a copyrighted photograph of herself on her Instagram account. In the US, the accepted market practice is to obtain a license for such photographs.  However, in India, such practice is not the norm.  Surprisingly, however, […]

This post discusses the Delhi High Court’s recent orders in matters involving the Christian Louboutin red shoe sole (shown below), and the conundrum that these orders have thrown up.   In December 2017, the Delhi High Court granted an ex parte injunction restraining several third-parties from manufacturing and selling footwear with a red sole. In […]

With the advent of superhero movies and comic book characters coming to life in cinema, cosplay has become a popular way for fans to appreciate and emulate their favourite characters. However, is cosplay copyright infringement or fair use? A cosplayer will need to show that, he/she has in fact, used his/her skill and creativity, inspired […]