Our Associate,  Nikita Lakhani discusses “ENFORCEMENT OF ANTI- SUIT INJUNCTION OF FOREIGN COURT DENIED IN AN ANTI-ANTI- SUIT INJUNCTION” Recently the Delhi High Court, in Interdigital Technology Corporation & Ors. v. Xiaomi Corporation & Ors., granted an anti- anti-suit injunction, directing Xiaomi to indemnify Interdigital against any penalty imposed by the Wuhan Immediate People’s Court, […]

Our Associate, Nikita Lakhani discusses “Jewellery and Intellectual Property: A Conflict Between Copyright, Designs and Trademarks“ The problem with jewellery designs being easily replicated or copied has translated into a growing need for intellectual property protection of such designs. Here, it is pertinent to understand the difference between an artistic work under copyright law and […]

Our Associate, Nikita Lakhani discusses “‘Spirit’ of Law on protecting the Well-known GI-Scotch Whisky” Recently, the Delhi High Court in Scotch Whisky Association v Unibev Limited, granted an interim injunction in favour of plaintiff for infringement of its registered Geographical Indication (“GI”), “Scotch Whisky”. The plaintiff, an association incorporated with the object of protecting and […]