The inherent nature of intellectual property is such that the overlap between the bundle of rights available to an owner in a single subject matter is unavoidable. Consequently, maintaining harmonious co-existence between these rights and setting a precedent that fits all is proving to be a difficult task for enforcement bodies. One such blurred line […]

The Geographical Indications Registry, Chennai, on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, issued a Certificate of Registration for “Alphonso”, in respect of Horticulture (mangoes) falling under class 31. The Geographical Indication (“GI”) for Alphonso has been limited to the Konkan region of Maharashtra and comprises of five districts in the Konkan area, namely, (i) Palghar, (ii) Thane […]

Many multi-national companies have a complex corporate structure that often involves local Indian subsidiaries and a foreign parent, with trade mark ownership resting with the parent. In such a situation, must the foreign parent assign its Indian marks to the local subsidiary and must the subsidiary be impleaded as a co-plaintiff in a suit brought […]