Our Associate, Nikita Lakhani discusses “Jewellery and Intellectual Property: A Conflict Between Copyright, Designs and Trademarks“ The problem with jewellery designs being easily replicated or copied has translated into a growing need for intellectual property protection of such designs. Here, it is pertinent to understand the difference between an artistic work under copyright law and […]

Our Associate, Rishikaa discusses “Cutting flag themed cake – patriotism or hyper-nationalism?” A country’s national flag is among the most important insignia of that country’s identity. A national flag evokes a bundle of feelings ranging from pride and solidarity to the extent that an insult of the flag is equated with desacralization. Recently, the Madras […]

Our Associate, Vishesh Kumar discusses “Regulations on Online Speech: Excessive Censorship or Much Needed?” Over the past few months, there have been calls from various sections of society for censuring online platforms and putting in a more regulated framework for content on the Internet. While the Internet has historically been a bastion for free speech, […]

Our Associate, Alvin Antony discusses “Everyone wants to be a YOGI!” The word ‘YOGI’ has caught the attention of people from time to time. More often than not, parties who wish to provide an ‘ayurvedic’ outlook to their products tend to adopt the mark “YOGI” in some or other manner. Recently, Bombay High Court, in […]

Our Associate, Tanvi Srivastava discusses “Madras High Court Sets Aside Injunction Order Against Patanjali Ayurved” Recently, the Madras High Court set aside an order of interim injunction granted to Arudra Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (“Respondent/Plaintiff) against Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. and Divya Yog Mandir Trust (“Appellant/Defendant”) in relation to the Appellant/Defendant’s use of the mark CORONIL for […]

Our Associate, Nikita Lakhani discusses “‘Spirit’ of Law on protecting the Well-known GI-Scotch Whisky” Recently, the Delhi High Court in Scotch Whisky Association v Unibev Limited, granted an interim injunction in favour of plaintiff for infringement of its registered Geographical Indication (“GI”), “Scotch Whisky”. The plaintiff, an association incorporated with the object of protecting and […]

Our Associate, Vishesh Kumar discusses “A Legal Shield for COVISHIELD” Over the last year, while the world struggled with the COVID virus and pharmaceutical companies raced to create a vaccine, IP enthusiasts throughout the world wondered about the legal (and moral) ramifications of COVID formative marks and their registration. Interestingly, one such question came up […]

Our Associate, Rishikaa discusses “Rules Governing the Law of Designs Amended!“ On January 25, 2021, the Government of India announced some significant amendments to the rules governing the law of designs.  The most significant changes introduced by the new rules are as follows: Application of the Locarno Classification: India now adheres to the 13th edition […]

Our Associate, Rishikaa discusses “DELHI HIGH COURT RESTRAINS VAISHALI TRAVELS FROM THE USING THE TRADEMARK VOLVO” Recently the Delhi High Court passed an ex-parte interim injunction against Vaishali Travels restraining it from using the mark VOLVO as a part of its domain name and in relation to services such as online booking of bus tickets, […]