Our Associate, Abdul Hannan discusses “Associate and Series Trade Marks — Explained” Developing a successful brand takes considerable effort, both in terms of the time and money expended. Thus, when a brand becomes reputed or known to consumers in the relevant market, brand owners try to capitalize on such reputation, by creating sub-brands or a […]

Our Associate, Surabhi discusses “Comparative Advertisements: The Confines of Law in India” It would not be an exaggeration to say that “comparative advertisement” is one of the most efficacious forms of advertisement. While this term has not been defined in any statute of Indian law, the term is commonly used to describe advertisements where the […]

Our Senior Associate, Ajaya Kumar discusses “Virtual Hearings at the Trade Marks Registry” Much like many establishments in the legal field, the Trade Marks Registry has quickly adapted to a new working style—from offline to online!  In a big announcement made late last year, the Registry commenced virtual hearings in October 2020!   In late October […]

Our Associate, Vishesh Kumar discusses “De Minimis in Copyright Law – Trivial or Proceed to Trial” In the digital era where almost everyone is a vlogger or an influencer, where does one draw the line between an actual case of copyright infringement or an ‘infringement’ too trivial to even act against?   For further clarity, […]

Our Associate, Rishikaa discusses “The Nifty Affair of NFTs and Copyright” If the last decade was all about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, this decade has started with spotlight on another type of digital asset, namely NFTs a.k.a Non-Fungible Tokens.  NFTs sent ripples through the art, legal, and technology worlds, when a graphic designer sold a […]

Our Associate,  Nikita Lakhani discusses “ENFORCEMENT OF ANTI- SUIT INJUNCTION OF FOREIGN COURT DENIED IN AN ANTI-ANTI- SUIT INJUNCTION” Recently the Delhi High Court, in Interdigital Technology Corporation & Ors. v. Xiaomi Corporation & Ors., granted an anti- anti-suit injunction, directing Xiaomi to indemnify Interdigital against any penalty imposed by the Wuhan Immediate People’s Court, […]

Our Associate,  Alvin Antony discusses “Scope of Arbitration in Matters Involving Intellectual Property Rights” Arbitration is a popular dispute resolution mechanism around the world. Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”) is a subject that has not typically been the subject of arbitration in the years gone by. Recently, however, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in Hero […]

Our Associate Tanvi Srivastava discusses “DELHI HIGH COURT DISMISSES AN INJUNCTION APPLICATION FILED BY DR. REDDY’S LABORATORIES” Recently the Delhi High Court dismissed an application filed by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited (“Plaintiff”), seeking an injunction against the release of a feature film named ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’ (hereinafter “Film”) by Eros International Media Limited and Anr […]

Our Associate, Nikita Lakhani discusses “Jewellery and Intellectual Property: A Conflict Between Copyright, Designs and Trademarks“ The problem with jewellery designs being easily replicated or copied has translated into a growing need for intellectual property protection of such designs. Here, it is pertinent to understand the difference between an artistic work under copyright law and […]