IP Strategy and Advice

We strive to be our clients’ business advisor, and not just cookie-cutter IP lawyers. Our clients have often complimented us on our ability to give well-rounded advice, whether on how to maximise protection of their intellectual property, on risks involved in a launch of a brand in India, foresight on how a contested proceeding will play out, or strategies on achieving favourable settlement terms. Our attorneys have been trained to look at the bigger picture, while never losing sight of minutiae that are so important in our field of law.

Trademark, Copyright and Design Prosecution

Attention to detail, timeliness, and vast experience in dealing with the relevant offices—these are the strengths of our prosecution practice, which leverages the best of technology–to manage our clients’ IP portfolios. Our strength lies in drawing upon our knowledge and experience of both, the law that is and the way the government offices read it, while advising clients – right from the filing an application till the issuance of Certificates of Registration.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

While never compromising our clients’ rights, we do not believe in litigating unnecessarily, and, when warranted, we look for ways to amicably settle disputes. We are diligent in pursuing lawsuits, if necessary, through both, the pre-trial and trial stages. Our clients appreciate our ability to foresee how a lawsuit might play out.

Even when lawsuits must necessarily be filed outside the National Capital Region (where we are based), we are able to act quickly, file and prosecute through our unparalleled network of IP specialist counsel across the country.

Criminal Enforcement

We understand that, once our clients obtain IP rights in India, whether through use or registration, the real challenge lies in being able to protect and secure those rights. Our attorneys are adept at providing creative field solutions entailing in-depth investigations and trap purchases, while also handling the ensuing enforcement procedure by coordinating with local government authorities and obtaining the requisite permissions to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. Whether through conducting criminal raids or shutting down counterfeit operations, our hands-on approach places emphasis on effectively combating brand dilution.

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial IP practice is focuses on facilitating our client’s business growth and increasing the brand value attached to it. Our attorneys routinely advise on, and negotiate, commercial transactions including license agreements, terms of service and privacy policies.

Trademark Oppositions

The importance of keeping IP registers clean through regular monitoring and oppositions cannot be overemphasized! Our attorneys understand this, and we advise clients on taking pre-emptive measures by first trying to settle with the erring party, or opposing if settlement is not forthcoming.

Domain Name Disputes

Domain names are source identifiers in the virtual world! We routinely advise clients on domain names issues, including disputes. Our attorneys have substantial experience, and have successfully, handled domain name disputes at various for a such as the WIPO, NAF and NIXI (the National Internet Exchange of India).