The firm’s Founder and Owner, Sujata Chaudhri, and a Senior Associate, Deeksha Anand, represented the firm at the 141st Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) in Boston, in May 2019.

INTA Annual Meeting

 Speaking of the experience, Sujata shares, “The INTA Annual Meeting has always been a distinguished platform to meet IP enthusiasts and practitioners from around the world. Its magnitude and reach has only grown over the years. With varied attendees like brand owners, IP professionals, exhibitors and media partners, the Annual Meeting is a great ensemble that gathers multifarious stakeholders under one roof. The short outings and meals combine fun and work in a way that allows one to bond with fellow members from the global IP fraternity. INTA Boston was highly successful for the firm, and we look forward to attending INTA Singapore, 2020.”

 INTA Annual Meeting Deeksha, who represented the firm at the conference for the second consecutive year adds, “INTA is a truly enriching experience for both young and experienced IP professionals alike. Not only is it exciting to give faces to the emails we exchange throughout the year, but also enlightening to experience the diversity among professionals in different corners of the globe within a day. INTA Boston was much more than just exchanging knowledge. The lovely weather combined with the historic sites in the city, made outings and meals with friends and clients truly memorable!”

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